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March 04 2016

Lose Weight with Miami Beauty Clinic

Have you begun to pack-on the pounds? It happens to us all. We go through highs and lows and so does are weight. It naturally fluctuates, however if our weight increase is at a high rate, something needs to be done. Changes need to be made. Diet, stress levels, hormones, lifestyle and exercise all play a role in weight gain and loss, but so does Miami Beauty Clinic. We offer Lymphatic Drainage...

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March 01 2016

Food and Your Skin

Attention Miami Beauty Clinic clients, we have some ground breaking news to share with you, your mom was right! Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! It fuels our bodies and minds for the busy day that lies ahead, however, did you also know that it fuels our skin too?! The food does anyways. When you start off your day, start off right with a healthy, nutritious,...

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February 22 2016

Why do you want a facelift?

Live can get to a point where things just became "same old, same old", but that doesn't need to be true for your face! Have you been thinking about undergoing a facelift to revive your naturally stunning facial features? The first thing you need to ask yourself is, why do I want a facelift? The answer might be to feel better, look younger, to boost your confidence, to look your best for an...

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February 09 2016

Cool Sculpting Sale! - 50% OFF!

Why wait for the summer season for that beach body?! The holiday season is the perfect time to kick-off a better, beautiful you! Your decision to transform your life has come just in time for our latest sale, 50% off our Fat Freezing treatments, Cool Sculpting, at Miami Beauty Clinic. It will assist you in dropping two dress sizes. Who wouldn't want that!? Now you can pull out that little black...

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