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IV Drip Therapy in Miami, Florida

What is IV Drip Therapy?

IV Drip Therapy goes straight into the blood stream bypassing the stomach. Studies have shown that patients receiving vitamins through an IV absorb 90% of the nutrients, while those who take vitamins orally only absorb 50% of the nutrients. With IV Drip Therapy, since nothing is lost through the digestive process your body absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients.

Immune Boost Cocktail

Immune Boost Cocktail

Have you reached the recommended allotment of vitamins today? If you're like a great number of people, you probably haven't. Vitamin deficiencies, often incorrectly assumed to be an issue of the past, are still quite common. In fact, there are some shockingly common nutrition deficiencies.

  • Vitamin C
  • B Complex
  • Zinc (optional)
  • Glutathione (optional)

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Myer's cocktail

Immune Boost Cocktail

Whether you're hungover, sick or dehydrated, you want fast relief for your symptoms and improve your immune system. The IV Drip Therapy is a popular choice for those in search of symptom relief.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B Complex / Hydroxocobalamin - (B12)
  • Magnesium
  • Dexpanthenol
  • Pyridoxine
  • Calcium Gluconate
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Client Testimonials

  • My entire life I have experienced several health issues, one being diverticulitis. After searching for many solutions, I decided to try the Myers Cocktail. This IV treatment helped my body recover tremendously. The staff at Miami Beauty Clinic were extremely helpful; I was very nervous, but the staff’s positive attitude made this experience wonderful for me. I felt confident trusting Leonora after she proved how knowledgeable she was about my body issues.

    Violetta S.
  • I woke up one day with terrible muscle pain, a high fever, and headache. I could barely get out of bed to go to the office. I remembered a friend of mine praising IV Drip Therapy, so I quickly made an appointment at Miami Beauty Clinic. When I arrived at the clinic, I was recommended the Myers cocktail to boost my immune system. I instantly felt better after the treatment and the next day I felt so much healthier and full of energy. Definitely my go-to treatment next time I feel unwell.

    George K.
  • My husband was very skeptical about this treatment. But after hearing him complain numerous times about not feeling well, I told him that it wouldn’t hurt to at least try IV drip therapy. After the treatment he claimed to not feel any difference. But the next morning he was a completely different person. He woke up bright and early saying the tiredness swept away and even went for a swim in the ocean.

    Cathy O.

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Boosting Your Immune System During COVID-19 With IV Drip Therapy

Immune Boost Cocktail

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the world, people are now focusing on all ways to protect themselves against the virus. As there is no vaccine at the moment against COVID-19, other measures should be taking to boost your immune system to protect your body from the virus.

Your immune system is built up of a multifaced assortment of cells and chemicals that continuously protect your body against attacking pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and toxins. Having an overall healthy immune system is vital in preventing infection and disease. Making healthy lifestyle choices such as getting enough sleep, giving your body proper vitamins and nutrients, and overall avoiding stress are significant ways strengthen your immune system.

Research has shown that specific vitamins help strengthen your immune system and potentially help your body fight off infection. During a time like this, the COVID-19 pandemic, having a healthy and strong immune system is crucial. With IV Drip therapy, vitamins are directly delivered to your body through the bloodstream being absorbed more effectively than vitamins that are absorbed through the digestive system. Getting your vitamins through IV Drip Therapy allows your body to absorb 100% of the nutrients, being a more superior solution compared to vitamins taken orally. Strengthening your immune system is one of the most important preventative measures to take to protect yourself from illness, especially COVID-19.

Who Should Get IV Drip Therapy?

IV Drip therapy is suitable for anyone looking to improve their immune system, boost their energy, and improve their overall health. For individuals with gastrointestinal issues, IV Drip Therapy is the solution for giving their body the proper nutrients that their stomach cannot absorb.

What is Myers’ Cocktail?

Myers' Cocktail

A Myers' cocktail isn't a type of alcoholic beverage. Instead, it is a cocktail of ingredients, including certain vitamins, meant to alleviate symptoms associated with illness and dehydration. The mix is delivered as IV therapy to give your body the vitamins it needs to help it recover. There are different packages for IV therapy out there, but Myers' cocktail is among the most popular.

Ingredients in a Myers' Cocktail

A Myers' cocktail contains vitamins and other ingredients that your body needs. You receive the ingredients in a Myers' cocktail through an IV line, which helps to ease certain symptoms. The ingredients in a Myers' cocktail include:


Saline, aka saltwater, is what delivers the nutrients in the Myers' cocktail to your system. The saline also replenishes your electrolytes, which can help keep you hydrated and energized.

Vitamin C in the myers' cocktail

Vitamin B Сomplex:

Vitamin B complex includes vitamins B6, riboflavin, folic acid and niacin. The B vitamin mixture can give you a nutrient boost.

Hydroxocobalamin - (B12):

Vitamin B12 is often used to maintain nerve and blood cell health. It can help reduce feelings of fatigue.

Vitamin C:

Many know vitamin C for its potential immune system boost, but the nutrient has other purposes. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that the body uses to maintain bones, muscle and blood vessels. The vitamin is also useful for collagen production and iron absorption.

Glutathione (optional):

Made from amino acids, the antioxidant can help detoxify your body. The substance may also help your immune system if it is weakened due to old age or illness.

Zinc (optional):

Zinc, an essential mineral can help your body resist infection. It also aids in tissue repair. Your body needs zinc, but it does not store it, meaning you need to get it from food or supplements to maintain your health.


Magnesium helps your circulatory system, keeping your blood pressure normal and your heart rhythm healthy. It also helps keeps your bones strong. A lack of magnesium can cause inflammation, which is associated with other diseases, such as heart disease.

What is a Myers' Cocktail Used For?

Happy and healthy people after taking the myers' cocktail

A Myers' cocktail can lessen the severity of various symptoms. People seek IV therapy for an array of reasons, whether they are sick or have a fear of becoming sick. A Myers' cocktail treatment can help to alleviate symptoms associated with:

Major and minor hangovers:

A lot of fun one night can turn into pain the next morning. When you're hungover, your main issue is that you're dehydrated. A Myers' cocktail helps to hydrate you quickly. Forget the home remedies of pickle juice and other odd concoctions when you have a reliable option that delivers the vitamins and electrolytes your body needs.

Colds, the flu and other viruses:

Whether you have an illness or want to prevent it, a Myers' cocktail may help. Vitamin C and other vitamins benefit your immune system, helping to prevent colds and help alleviate symptoms from other sicknesses. Don't hide at home once cold and flu season rolls around. Get a Myers' cocktail IV to help your immune system prepare for the fight.

Fatigue or sluggishness:

Maybe you're sick, hungover or just tired and sluggish in general. A Myers' cocktail can give you more of a boost than your typical cup of coffee because it contains beneficial vitamins and ingredients.

Asthma or allergies:

A Myers' cocktail IV may help alleviate symptoms of asthma or allergies. IV therapy could help reduce difficulty breathing or wheezing associated with asthma. If you're an allergy or asthma sufferer, you may want to consider Myers' cocktail treatment to ease some symptoms.

Athletic recovery:

After a workout, a sports game or practice, your body needs hydration and nutrients. Just as a Myers' cocktail can alleviate symptoms from hangovers associated with dehydration, it can do the same for athletic recovery. If you need a boost before a game or other sporting match, a Myers' cocktail IV can also help rejuvenate and recover you in preparation.

7 Benefits of The Myers' Cocktail IV

Because of the ingredients in this IV therapy, there are plenty of benefits of a Myers' cocktail. Even if you aren't experiencing any of the illnesses or symptoms above, you may find that a Myers' cocktail can still help you feel better. The cocktail can:

  • Hydrate your body
  • Give your body necessary vitamins and nutrients
  • Let you receive treatment at home
  • Boost your energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your mood
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