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Vita-Life Magnetic Resonance Therapy services in Miami, Florida

Vita-Life Magnetic Resonance Therapy

The human body is basically the sum of trillions of cells regulating all bodily functions. Cells are everywhere: in blood, heart, muscles, brain, nerves, skin. Every breath, movement and impulse in the body depends on the functioning of cells. The cell metabolism is a complex process, which can be supported – by magnetic resonance stimulation.

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How does a dysfunctional cell metabolism show?

  • dysfunctional cell metabolism disturbs the bodily functions
  • the cell is no longer capable of disposing waste products
  • you start to feel tired, weak and powerless
  • your body starts to develop diseases

Which effects can a well functioning cell metabolism have on the organism?

  • a well functioning cell metabolism can have positive effects on body and soul
  • you feel vital and fit
  • your well being is enhanced
  • you can maintain your health more effortlessly
  • you can regenerate faster
  • you are full of energy

Magnetic resonance stimulation

How Vita-Life helps to boost cell metabolism

The Vita-Life magnetic resonance stimulation arose from the ancient magnetic field therapy. Contrary to "magnetic field therapy" where mostly static magnets with high magnetic strength have been used, the magnetic resonance stimulation utilizes pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF). Vita-Life uses such magnetic impulses of low energy and low magnetic strength applied based on a special signal form with optimized signal sequences.

Instead of focusing on achieving a specific therapeutic effect, the Vita-Life magnetic resonance stimulation provides the organism with the power it needs to help itself. It stimulates and activates the human self-healing capacities.

Magnetic resonance stimulation acts on and within the smallest unit of the human body: the cell.

We are convinced: Healthy cells make up vital humans. Magnetic resonance stimulation supports cell regeneration by helping to better absorption of nutriments and oxygen. Equally, the withdrawal of waste materials is ensured in an efficient manner. The body is stimulated by a magnetic field, that resembles the natural earth magnetic field. This magnetic field can affect the cell, as it vibrates within the same frequency range as the cell itself.

Magnetic resonance stimulation can:

  • stimulate the whole body by resonance effects on the cells
  • activate self-healing forces
  • improve blood circulation and oxygen supply
  • boost metabolism and immune system
  • have positive effects on the nervous system by alleviating pain

In laymen terms it could be stated that magnetic resonance stimulation charges your body just like a battery charger charges batteries. Wouldn’t it be interesting, to actually have access to such a device for your body?


What Vita-Life offers for boosting your cell metabolism.

The Vita-Life R-System is a device for magnetic resonance stimulation and is thus capable of pushing your well being and vitality.

It generates a pulsating electromagnetic field of low frequency. The intensity is kept low on intention and thus similar to the intensity of earths natural magnetic field. Your body will be spurred or calmed down - based on your body's current demand. The applied magnetic fields can improve your cell metabolism and therefore contribute to your vitality and well being.

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