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Laser Hair Removal services in Miami, Florida

ELOS Permanent Painless Hair Removal

If you desire smooth, soft skin without the unsightly appearance of unwanted hair and are tired of return monthly visits to the salon, then ELOS Hair Removal is for you. ELOS technology is completely changing the laser hair removal industry. By destroying the hair follicle at the root level, ELOS Hair Removal makes re-growth impossible.

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Only ELOS technology enables painless hair removal of any color and any structure. ELOS hair removal allows you to completely get rid of the hair in the most problematic areas including the upper lip, cheeks, chin, arms, shoulders, bikini area, stomach, legs, back, chest, neck and buttocks. The treatment works wonders on all skin types and colours.

By utilizing radio frequency and laser energy while actively cooling the surface of the skin, Miami Beauty Clinic (MBC) is able to achieve a hair removal process that is virtually painless. A precisely measured pulse not only removes hair but also provides a safety guarantee, ensuring there is absolutely no damage to the skin. The recommended course of ELOS hair removal is 6-8 treatments at every 1.5-2 months until desired results are achieved.

How hair grows?

Normal hair growth occurs in 3 phases:

  • Anagen phase (active growth)
  • Catagen phase (transition)
  • Telogen phase (resting)

In order to guarantee the complete removal of the hair, it must be treated in the Anagen phase. If the Hair is treated in one of the other phases there is a chance the hair will continue to come back. Because of this it may take several courses of the treatment to remove hair permanently.

Are there any risks with ELOS Hair Removal Treatment?

At MBC we use the unique eMax™ ELOS Hair Removal system which eliminates the risks associated with other brands of technology designed to carry out this process. Non- eMax™ brands expose the patient to side effects that may include: pronounced burns, hidden pigmentation, scarring of the skins surface, and temporary lightening of the treated area. This occurs when common types of laser and light systems penetrate into hair & skin with a darker pigment. Dark hair and dark skin absorb light much more strongly than light skin and light hair. Since the absorbed light energy is always converted into heat, darker hair and skin tone carry higher risks for these side effects to occur.

MBC's top priority is the health and safety of our clientele, it is for this reason that we use the unique eMax™ ELOS Hair Removal system.

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