Thread Facelift


If you don't want the risk of invasive surgical procedure, you may be a good candidate for our Thread Facelift procedure that sometimes is referred as ThreadLift. Our regular Miami patients are people who are starting to see some droopiness of the brow, cheeks, jowls and neck. They would like to see a lift effect, but do not want the risk, scars, or recovery of a real browlift, facelift, or necklift operation.

Thread Facelift procedure may show amazing results comparing to what a real invasive surgical procedure can deliver. It can even be combined with other, more minor surgical procedures such as Botox and Injectable Fillers and others. Naturally, paitents must have realistic expectations and be prepared to follow the postoperative recovery protocol. We advise patients with unrealistic expectations and uncontrolled medicall illnesses to abstain from this procedure. We do not also recommend people with excessively thin and loose skin to undergo Thread Facelift. To find out more about Thread Facelift, please, give us a call (305) 405-2505 or send us a message below.

Thread Facelift

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