Dr.Yukhanan Benjamin, MD, PhD with 50 years of experience, graduated in 1966 prestige State Medical School in Russia, and obtained PhD in Medicine in 1973.



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Going Beyond Topical Skin Care to Prevent Ageing and Other Skin Problems DMK is breaking away from the traditional approach to beauty treatments. This is a new wave in aesthetic medicine, combining skin supplements and topical treatment protocols. We're moving into an age of prevention rather than cure so anti-aging is out and age prevention is in!

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Chemical peels are one of the most effective as well as simplest treatments for achieving nice glowing skin. With chemical peels you can expect clear and smooth skin, as well as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Chemicals peels are a great option to consider if you want a more “youthful” appearance without any surgery involved.

Enzyme Skin Restoration: What Is It?

Enzyme Restoration Treatments are non-invasive, and hydrolyzing conditioning treatments, and they get rid of dead protein cells which rest on the skin surface without peeling the surface. The therapy enhances the skin’s capacity to work optimally and prevent damage.

All the enzyme masques contain a blend of messenger enzymes, as well as specialized ingredients which help increase... Read More