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Enzyme Skin Restoration in Miami, Florida

The effects of sun damage on our skin have a much more permanent effect on us than we know. Throughout the course of our lives we will all experience occasional sunburns, regular sun exposure, hormonal changes, stress, and environmental pollution. It is an amalgamation of all these factors that contribute to the signs of skin damaging and premature aging.

Miami Beauty Clinic (MBC) is the premiere destination for the natural treatment of all skin conditions including, but not limited to: Aging, Acne, Scarring, Pigmentation and Rosacea. Having achieved much success in the repair and restoration of the appearance of the skin, MBC elects an organic, natural approach to treatment. Targeting your condition at the root cause and utilizing a combination of unique organic regimens paired with the best at home care recovery plan, MBC has been able to achieve results compatable in performance with that of plastic surgery, all the while remaining comfortable and safe as conventional natural cosmetic sessions.

The origin of most skin conditions is a result of disharmony within the skin itself. Dr. Danne M. King has formulated a range of treatments and products (DMK method) designed to re-educate skin to perform like youthful healthy skin using a methodology known as Natural Pharmacology. Utilizing a highly effective enzyme the process goes to work minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, acne and age spots. Combining natural anti-aging treatments and skincare products the DMK method is based on the following four principals: REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN.

REMOVE the dead skin cell build-up that leads to the appearance of dry, congested skin, fine lines, and skin discoloration to bring new skin cells to the surface.

REBUILD skin by encouraging the skin's vital internal processes to function optimally, enabling cells to stay alive longer and perform at their highest potential, creating healthier, younger looking skin, providing natural skin tone and moisture.

PROTECT the skin from the sun, free radicals and other environmental factors that lead to premature ageing.

MAINTAIN beautiful skin with DMK Home Prescriptive, which works to prolong the results achieved by DMK Professional Treatments.

Miami Beauty Clinic is the only medical spa in the state of Florida with the exclusive rights to the DMK enzyme skin restoration treatments. This powerful enzyme is proven to increase elasticity of the skin, eliminate wrinkles, stimulate the synthesis of new collagen, tighten sagging skin, clean acne, remove scars and more.

Developed over 40 years of clinical studies by Dr. King, a botanical scientist and cosmetic chemist, the DMK method is comprised of the following available procedures:

  1. The A-Lift® Program – A 12 week skin fitness program designed to revise the signs of aging and the health of the skin by removing dead cells and tightening facial muscles. The treatment works by stimulating the underlying structures of the skin. It gives the face its own workout similar to how you would tone and tighten the body with exercise.


  2. "Mother of bride" treatment - Firm, tighten and brighten your skin instantly with the DMK special occasion treatment. The perfect accessory for a wedding orparty!


  3. Bihaku Skin Brightening Treatment - Designed for darker skin tones, the Bihaku Skin Brightening Treatment brightens the overall shade of the skin and decreases the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. It is particularly effective for skin genetically prone to pigmentation and trauma induced pigmentation (e.g. acne, pigmented scars). The treatment corrects and smoothes uneven skin tone and texture.

    $185 per treatment

  4. Enzyme Therapy – The premiere option for restoring skin to its optimum condition. The DMK Enzyme Therapy is the only treatment in the world to utilize the beneficial effects of transfer messenger enzymes. Enzymes are living substances that regulate health and work with certain minerals in the body to form a natural system of antioxidants that fight corrosive free radicals. Properly formulated, they can remove dead protein, toxins and other effluvia from the epidermis using a process called 'reverse osmosis'.

    Where some cosmetic facial treatments may only act on the surface of the skin, DMK Enzyme Treatments work with the skin. The enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in.

    Enzyme Therapy exercises facial muscles and works to leave the skin feeling firm.

    $185 per treatment, package of 6 treatments $900.00

  5. Hydradermaze - Acne and problem skin treatments - An advanced treatment program designed to help clear acne and congestion. The twelve week series of treatments address the causal factors involved in the pathophysiology of acne and achieves long-term results ensuring the condition won't return.

    From $150 per treatment

  6. Muscle Banding - Age management - A treatment developed not only to lift and firm the skin but also to aid in the restoration of optimal skin function, which is essential to healthy, firm skin.

    Fight against the decline of ageing. $195.00

  7. Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel - A resurfacing procedure for those who want dramatic results - An integrative aesthetic approach to skin restoration. Not everyone wants to commit to cosmetic surgery when signs of ageing become apparent.

    Many patients prefer to start with a less invasive procedure such as the Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel. This professionally applied treatment that takes place over 14 days revises the old damaged skin and works to re-establish structural integrity; Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel is like a skin renovation.

    The Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel is an exclusive blend of AHAs and BHAs, applied systematically in layers. Your therapist will customize the strength of the formulation for the procedure to suit your skin color, texture, sensitivity and condition.

    While not recommended for fine or fragile skin, the peel can be applied to thick skin, uneven textured skin, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, sun-damaged areas and scars.

    Follow with the Muscle Banding Treatment for optimal results.

    $1000.00 per program

  8. Prozyme - The dead skin cell 'muncher' - This enzyme exfoliator works like a dead skin cell muncher designed to remove congested areas of the skin.

    The action of these enzymes removes cellular debris and build up, leaving the skin softer, clearer and more responsive.

    From $150 per treatment

  9. Skin Revision - A series of DMK Treatments encourage old, damaged scar tissue to replace itself with stronger, firmer, healthier tissue. DMK is a world leader in scar revision.

    From $150 per treatment

  10. RP - Remodeling Procedure - Reconstruct healthy skin - This procedure is based on the preservation of healthy and attractive skin. RP revises the skin by looking at the underlying cause of premature ageing making it ideal for conditions such as sun-damaged skin. RP is an industry proven way of dealing with sun-damage, premature ageing, loose sagging and wrinkled skin.

    $185.00 per treatment

  11. Ballancer - Lymphatic drainage massage - to induce better outcome of above DMK treatments we suggesting combine them with compression therapy for lymphatic drainage that results in the following benefits:

    • stimulates collagen strings in deeper levels of skin
    • increases lymphatic flow
    • supports the metabolism of skin cells
    • lowers the effects of cellulite
    • reduces the volume of massaged parts
    • increases the skin elasticity
    • improves bowel movement that plays important role to clear skin

    $30 per treatment

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