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Skin Tightening (ST) - ReFirme

March 10 2017

Getting older isn’t an option, but looking old is. Youthful looking skin is possible with ReFirme™ (ST). This non-invasive, non-surgical laser treatment restores and tightens for a beautiful and naturally youthful glow. ReFirme™ (ST) is an FDA approved procedure developed to target the tell tale signs of an aging appearance. Some signs of aging include sagging in the jowl, neck, brows, and the nasolabial folds. ReFirme™(ST) is designed to target these, tightening any saggy areas without an invasive or painful surgical procedure.

In the past laser treatments, infrared and bipolar radiofrequencies, were sold as separate treatments. Since ReFirme™ (ST) combines the two radiofrequencies, each treatment session is more effective, less painful, and requires little to no down time. In fact, ReFirme™ (ST), unlike other laser treatments, is virtually painless. Infrared and bipolar radiofrequencies are safely combined to effectively remodel the dermal layer of the skin and stimulate new collagen growth. The stimulation of new collagen growth produces a firming effect in lax skin. Tightening of the face and neck, as well as elasticity is almost immediately restored. ReFirme™ (ST) is not just for the face and neck. ReFirme™ (ST) can be used on the abdomen, upper arms, and knees.

ReFirme™ (ST) is great for those who want to reduce sagginess, firm and tighten certain problem areas, reduce fine to medium lines and wrinkles, smooth out rough areas due to aging, and restore their natural beauty. For best results, ReFirme™ (ST) takes about 3-5 sessions, but many who have received this procedure note an immediate improvement in the appearance of fine wrinkles and texture of treatment areas. Because this treatment is so gentle, patients are able to resume their normal activities the same day as the treatment. 4-6 week prior to treatment, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure or apply sunblock to the treatment areas.

If you want to learn more about how ReFirme™ (ST) can help smooth, firm, and tighten saggy areas, The Miami Beauty Clinic can answer all questions about the procedure. A premiere facility, The Miami Beauty Clinic believes in providing ultimate satisfaction and using the highest quality technology and treatments. Highly skilled and experts in beauty treatments, The Miami Beauty Clinic is well respected and trusted by hundreds of satisfied individuals. Schedule an appointment with The Miami Beauty Clinic soon to find out how ReFirme™ (ST) can help you.

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