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High-Tech Facials That Every Woman Needs to Try

January 10 2017

Skin needling also known as microneedling therapy is considered to be a slightly aggressive renewal procedure. This procedure involves a device that has very fine needles, which are used in order to puncture the skin in order to create a very controlled injury. Each puncture that these needles make triggers a response from your body that fills these microscopic holes by producing elastin and collagen.

Through the process of microneedling there have been noticeable improvements with the firmness as well as texture and have seen a reduction in the amount of scars, stretch marks as well as pore sizes. This creates a long lasting, beautiful look.

Other Facial Types

The facial that is known as the Iron Mask is a safe, very gentle and contains 100 percent natural botanical. The Iron mask deep cleans as well as firms and is ideal for hands, face, back, and breasts. The effects of this amazing procedure can be seen immediately that you can actually have this procedure done right before that special occasion and have the results you need and want.

If you are looking for a therapy to prevent, as well as repair your skin from that awful sun damage, aging, acne scarring, or any discoloration. Try the Purigenex Collagen Therapy which is a collagen based very intense treatment product that was developed in South Korea and has been FDA-registered. The regular usage of this amazing product will in fact help with your own collagen and make it appear to be smoother, plumper, just plain more youthful.

The Caviar and Carat facial is an amazing nourishing, rich, and age reversing treatment. It is ideal as a very special treat for that very special night out or just a regular part of your weekly or monthly uplifting regiment. This amazing procedure is infused with pure 100 percent honey that promotes healthy tissue growth as well as refines texture, as well as caviar which will plump and enhance moisture, it is also enriched with many vitamins, amino acids, minerals, as well as gold extract for instant gratification and the reduction of those awful signs of aging.

Lactic acid, diamond microdermabrasion, as well as gommage are also used in order to deliver a triple exfoliation satisfaction, which is followed by an amazing relaxing vitamin A oil massage. Finish this amazing procedure with a silky caviar carat cream that will hydrate, for an extreme brightening. When you are finished you will be relaxed, you will notice a radiant change and some will even say you glow.

If you are interested in any of these High-tech Facials please visit the Miami Beauty Clinic for a very relaxing time.

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